Video Troubleshoot


Audio Troubleshooting Fix

Step. #1

Click on the link that was sent to you through either email or text.

Step. #2

Download Zoom if you haven’t already. Once you have it downloaded, go back to the link from the email or text. YOU DO NOT NEED to sign up for ZOOM.

Step #3

Enter waiting room


Step #4

You are in the waiting when you see this. There is nothing else to do, except wait. If you have been waiting for more than 15 minutes, please EXIT and RE-ENTER the waiting room. Do this every 15 minutes you are waiting. (This allows it to refresh on our end so you do not get “timed out” of the waiting room).

Step #5

Please ALLOW Zoom access every time it ask your permission.

Step #6

Allow Zoom to record audio

Step #7

To fix Audio issue, press the “Call via Device Audio” notification. You must press the words, if the “Join Audio” button doesn’t fix it.


Allow this too

Step #9

Touch microphone icon to umute. If the icon is RED, touch it to unmute.

Video Tutorial

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