Our Preferred Pharmacy is NOW IN STOCK with medication!

WBK Healthcare’s Preferred Mail Order Pharmacy will fill each and everyone of our patient’s prescriptions exclusively!!

Benefits of the preferred pharmacy include:

:white_check_mark: Affordability ($165 for a 28 day prescription – 2 per day)
:white_check_mark: Each Month you receive 2 FREE additional days of medication
:white_check_mark: Mailed to your front door :door:
:white_check_mark: GUARANTEED to get your medication filled with NO HASSLE!
:white_check_mark:Pay for the medication on our website so then ordering process is smooth.

Just click this link and you can pay for your prescription on our website:  https://wbkhealth.com/preferred-partner/

:x:The mail order pharmacy DOES NOT ACCEPT INSURANCE. 

If you are going to a pharmacy that accepts your insurance we encourage you to continue with that pharmacy.

:white_check_mark:If you are going to another pharmacy and you are paying out of pocket we encourage you to switch to our preferred pharmacy IMMEDIATELY:bangbang::bangbang:

For all patients that are paying out of pocket at other pharmacies you can continue to go to those pharmacies. HOWEVER if our office receives any contact from your pharmacy stating they changed their rules or that they requiring more documentation etc you may have to pay a $50 fee if our staff has to do additional work to comply with your pharmacies random rule changes. 

OUR preferred pharmacy is guaranteeing your medication is filled every month.

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